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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Carla Abellana embraces new life changes 

Actress  Carla Abellana  revealed that she has already forgiven her ex-husband  Tom Rodriguez, stating that she is now happy and at peace.

The 37-year-old actress shared during the press conference of her contract signing with All Access to Artists Inc. on Tuesday, September 26, that she has also moved on from that chapter of her life.

“It’s been a while. Definitely, I’ve moved on. I’ve closed that chapter in my life, and I am happy where I am now,” said Carla.

“I’m more at peace, and you cannot attain that peace without being able to forgive. I’ve also moved to my new house and I’m happy with my pet dogs,” she added.

Carla Avellana signs under new management, All Access to Artists

Carla also admitted that she is ready and prepared if she ever runs into her ex-reel and real partner.

“Since we’re in the same industry, as artists, especially since we’re both in GMA, it’s inevitable. Of course, I’ve already thought about it. I’ve also prepared myself for it,” Carla stated.

“But I think I won’t feel anything if ever that happens. If that day comes, I believe it’s already in the past,” she continued.

Carla also mentioned that she’s now confident seeing the Kapuso actor without experiencing panic, fear, or sadness.

“I’m professional when it comes to work. So, if we’re in the same studio or show, and he’s there, I don’t see any problem with that. It’s all just part of our work,” Carla explained.

She added that she doesn’t see the need to greet Tom first.

“I don’t see the need to greet him first. I don’t think it’s necessary to take that initiative or attempt to reach out,” she continued.

However, despite being fine with seeing Tom again at work, the actress admitted that she’s not ready to welcome the idea of working with him soon.

“At this point, let’s hold off on that. I won’t be comfortable. We’ve been paired several times before, so I hope it’s with someone else this time. There are many artists I’d love to work with,” she reiterated.

Now that she’s under new management with Triple A, Carla expressed her optimism about working with heartthrob actor  Piolo Pascual  and other artists.

“I’d like to work with Piolo Pascual; it’s been my long-time dream, whether it’s a movie or a  teleserye. I’m now also braver and more adventurous to try new roles, like being a  kontrabida  this time and exploring other genres, like suspense-thriller,” shared Carla.

“I’m also excited to work with other artists, whether they’re on the same network or a different network. That’s my wish and part of my bucket list – to have the chance or opportunity to star in a movie with other leading men,” the actress stated.

As the agency added Carla to its A-list of artists, the actress couldn’t help but feel emotional about their warm welcome.

“This is the warmest welcome I’ve received since I joined showbiz 14 years ago. I didn’t expect it to be this big,” she said.

Triple A also manages her fellow Kapuso actress  Marian Rivera  and  E.A.T.  host  Maine Mendoza.

With all the positive developments in Carla’s life, the actress expressed her happiness with the changes.

“Definitely, I’m very happy with my life now. I’m happy with where I am and who I am today,” she continued.

“Those things I didn’t think were possible to happen are happening. Those things we wanted to be didn’t go as planned,” Carla explained.

When asked about being friends with her ex-husband, Carla said, “In our lives, there are a lot of unpredictable things. So, I don’t want to put an end to or make anything definite. Anything can happen.”

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