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Actors’ group endorses Vilma Santos as National Artist for Film and Broadcast 

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League of Filipino Actors chairman Dingdong Dantes has formally announced the group’s endorsement of the seasoned actress Vilma Santos-Recto for nomination for the prestigious National Artist Award for Film and Broadcast.

In a press conference held at the Manila Hotel on Friday, Dantes shared in his speech the group’s, otherwise known as Aktor, an effort to honor the Star for All Seasons for her body of work and her contribution to the industry as a public servant.

“We acknowledge her immense contributions to Philippine cinema over a remarkable 60-year career, making her one of the most revered figures in the industry and the most awarded actress in the country,” said Dantes.

“She’s multifaceted, and she has managed to stay truly relevant. We think this is the right time for her to be given this award. She’s just turned 70 and has been in the industry for six decades. In my personal view, it’s about time,” the actor and TV host added.

Dantes underscored how Santos has demonstrated unparalleled versatility in her career, playing an extensive range of characters that showcase her exceptional acting prowess.

“She has portrayed iconic roles such as Darna and Dyesebel, and taken on complex characters in many important films,” said Dantes.

Aktor chairman Dingdong Dantes announces Vilma Santos’ nomination for National Artist for Film and Broadcast

He then enumerated Santos’ acting awards from prestigious local and international bodies, including Gawad Urian, FAMAS, Catholic Mass Media, the Metro Manila Film Festival, PMPC Star Awards, and international film festivals in Brussels and Dhaka. These accolades make her the most awarded actress in Philippine cinema history.

“She has remained a significant figure in Philippine cinema, continuously leading in critically acclaimed films,” Dantes continued.

Widely known as the longest-reigning movie queen of Philippine Cinema, Santos’ ability to stay relevant in a rapidly changing industry is a testament to her talent and dedication. Her films have had a lasting impact on popular culture, addressing social issues and contributing to national discourse. Movies like Dekada ‘70 and Bata Bata Paano Ka Ginawa? have sparked important conversations on societal topics.

“Beyond her film career, Vilma Santos has made significant contributions as a public servant. She has served with distinction as mayor, governor, and congresswoman, showing a deep commitment to her constituents,” Dantes pointed out.

Santos’ exemplary public service earned her the prestigious Presidential Lingkod Bayan award, the highest honor for a public servant in the Philippines. This recognition highlights that Vilma Santos is more than just a celebrated actress; she understands that her influence and status can be powerful catalysts for positive change.

“Her transition from movie star to public servant underscores her dedication to using her platform to serve and uplift her fellow citizens, proving that her talents extend far beyond the screen. Additionally, many of her roles depict strong, empowered women, reflecting her advocacy for women’s rights and empowerment,” Dantes emphasized adding that the actress’ commitment to excellence in both commercial and art films has set a benchmark in the industry.

“Her performances are marked by exceptional intelligence, sincerity, and brilliance, consistently raising the bar for cinematic artistry. With a relentless drive to reinvent herself, she ensures that each role she undertakes is fresh, impactful, and memorable,” Dantes said.

Meanwhile, Aktor shared in a statement that Santos is widely regarded as a role model within the entertainment industry. Her extraordinary talent and unwavering professionalism set a benchmark for veteran actors and newcomers. She embodies the gold standard in acting prowess and is a revered industry icon, continuously inspiring her peers and the next generation of thespians.

“Aktor celebrates her enduring legacy, exceptional versatility, and significant contributions to Philippine arts and culture. Her sustained relevance, dedication to her craft, and influence on society underscore her deservingness for this prestigious honor,” Dantes concluded.


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