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Max Collins, Luis Hontiveros banner ‘Recipes of Love’ 

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Max Collins and Luis Hontiveros are headlining the next story of Recipes of Love airing today before The Atom Araullo Specials on GMA. Joining them is Liezel Lopez.

Recipes of Love is a drama special produced by GMA Public Affairs featuring true-to-life stories that blend food and relationships.

In the episode dubbed “Cabbage Lumpia,” Max and Luis are Emilissa and Jerrick, a former couple who have a daughter named Alyssa (Queenzy Calma).

Alyssa or Chef Aiza became famous in their town in Davao for her talent in cooking at a young age.

Aiza’s family lives in a makeshift dwelling. According to her mother, Emilissa, Chef Aiza has been watching the former while cooking. Emilissa is oblivious to this, which is why she is surprised to find a dish prepared by Aiza waiting for her one day.

Since then, the young Aiza has been cooking all the time. Their neighbors claim that her dishes are ‘masterchef’ levels. But if there’s one dish that is close to Chef Aiza’s heart, this would be her Cabbage Lumpia, which became famous as well on her vlog. The dish somehow takes Aiza back to her childhood, when her parents were still together.

Emilissa was still pregnant with Aiza when she caught her husband having an affair. Jerrick chose his lover over his wife and child, and Emilissa was left to raise Aiza on her own.

After several years, Jerrick returns to Emilissa and Aiza’s life. It’s as if nothing happened in the past. But what is Jerrick’s real motive for showing up? Are Emilissa and Aiza ready to welcome Jerrick back to their lives?

Catch the second serving of Recipes of Love, featuring “Cabbage Lumpia” today.


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