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Imelda Papin film draws crowds at MOA block screening

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Imelda Papin’s latest film, Imelda Papin, The Untold Story, drew significant crowds last weekend at Mall of Asia (MOA), with all four theaters fully packed for the block screening event.The screening featured two showings, both filled with enthusiastic moviegoers.Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with viewers expressing emotional reactions including tears and laughter. Fans who attended the screenings described the film as “deeply inspirational.”Papin, whose character was portrayed by Claudine Barretto in the movie, shared her thoughts on the production and casting process.“It was Mafi (Papin) who suggested Claudine, and she was approved by our director. I’ve seen her several times in teleseryes and movies, and Claudine was fantastic,” Papin remarked.Regarding the change in the film’s title, Papin explained, “The Queenstar production team had a meeting and decided to modify the title to better reflect my personal story. The revised title was well-received as it encapsulates the essence of my life.”In an interview with Manila Standard Entertainment, Papin shared the film’s underlying message.“It’s sweeter to love than to be angry. That’s what I want to convey to the viewers. Let’s embrace each other, after all, we are all Filipinos. This isn’t about politics. I don’t want to create division or animosity among non-allies,” Papin, who is vocal about being a big supporter of the current administration, emphasized.Acknowledging her supporters, Papin added, “You’ve placed me at the peak of success. Without God, my family, my supporters, including the media, I am nothing. That’s why I want to be a role model through unity. We all need to come together. It’s about time we show our unity.”In closing, Papin expressed her respect for differing viewpoints while advocating for collective action towards a common goal of national progress.“I respect other people’s opinions, but this movie underscores the importance of unity in our journey towards national upliftment. Together, we can uplift our country if we are all united,” she concluded.


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