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‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ cast shares touching bond as series nears finale

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How can something so beautiful possibly come to an end?

This sentiment likely echoed the feelings of Belle Mariano, Donny Pangilinan, and the cast members of the hit series Can’t Buy Me Love during their finale press conference, as their widely watched series on iWantTFC and Netflix nears its conclusion.

While the atmosphere started lively and energetic, it soon turned emotional, especially when Nova Villa, who played Donny’s “Mamang” in the show, spoke about how they poured their emotions into their performances.

“We showed authenticity and poured our effort and heart into every movement and action,” Nova remarked tearfully. “Our viewers are touched because we’re not just acting anymore; what comes out is real.”

The smash hit series has won the hearts of viewer with its stellar cast and storylines

“After spending all these months together, I realized that it’s possible to form such a strong bond and give your heart to someone even though you are not blood-related,” she went on.

Referring to Donny and his character Bingo, she shared, “I treated him like my son; his pain was my pain. That’s how powerful love can be.”

Clearly moved by Nova’s heartfelt words, Donny stood up from his seat and warmly hugged the senior actress. He then revealed that it was his idea for Bingo to call his grandmother “mamang,” just as he had called his late beloved great-grandmother.

Meanwhile, Belle shared how Caroline will remain a part of her life even after the show.

“At first, Caroline was very stoic, and now she has a heart. She has gone through so much. The directors and the characters were a big help because I drew inspiration from them. I have been Caroline for eight months, and she’s always going to be a part of me. So whatever she goes through, I go through with her,” she emotionally expressed.

Donny reminisced about the struggles he and his character faced, as well as the entire cast, and teased viewers about what to expect in the finale. “With everything Bingo and Caroline (BingLing) and the whole cast, Team Binondo, and the Tiu family have been through, everything is coming together. Despite numerous revelations, there are still many questions about what will happen in the end. I’m just excited, honestly, as a viewer to see what’s going to happen,” he said.

The show’s trending pair, Anthony Jennings and Maris Racal, expressed their gratitude to the viewers who supported SnoRene.

The cast of ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ during the media conference

Over the past six months, the series, its characters, and scenes have gone viral on social media due to its intriguing plot and comedic banter among the characters. The series also received praise from viewers for highlighting the importance of mental health. Simultaneously, the series boosted local tourism in Binondo as loyal fans explored Chinatown to recreate scenes from the series and visit some of the locations.

In the finale trailer released by Star Creatives, viewers should not miss how Bingo (Donny) and Caroline’s (Belle) relationship will be tested, especially with Annie (Ina Raymundo) suspected in Divine’s (Shaina Magdayao) death. Additionally, the Tiu family will be attempting to win back GLC.

Will Bingo and Caroline prove that love is priceless? Will they find the time to take their relationship to another level amidst the chaos between their respective families?

Can’t Buy Me Love is produced by Star Creatives and directed by Mae Cruz Alviar, Ian Loreños, and Raymund Ocampo.


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