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Monday, May 27, 2024

Fil-Am Jacob Batalon trades spiderwebs for tarot cards in new horror film

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Filipino-American actor Jacob Batalon, known for his comedic roles in the Spider-Man franchise, takes a terrifying turn in the upcoming horror film Tarot.

Opening in Philippine cinemas on May 1, Tarot follows a group of friends who ignore a crucial rule of fortune-telling – never use someone else’s deck. This unleashes a sinister force from within the cursed cards, dooming each friend to a horrifying fate foretold by their tarot reading. Batalon stars as one of these friends, forced to confront this unspeakable evil and cheat death itself.

Director-writer Anna Halberg, alongside co-writer and director Spencer Cohen, drew inspiration for Tarot from the inherent fear surrounding the occult.

“There’s something undeniably scary about tarot cards and readings,” says Halberg. “While astrology and horoscopes can be intriguing, knowing your future, good or bad, can heavily influence your choices. Is it really wise to tempt fate?”

Tarot is designed to be a shared experience, maximizing the chills and thrills. “Horror is best enjoyed with a group,” says Halberg. “Imagine the excitement and terror of experiencing this rollercoaster ride in a dark theater with friends, just like going to a haunted house on Halloween night!” adds co-director Cohen.

The film is distributed by Columbia Pictures, the local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.


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