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Gloc 9 shares how ‘Sirena’ becomes his gift to gay son

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Filipino hip-hop artist Gloc-9 revealed in an interview with ABS-CBN that his hit song “Sirena” was intended as a gift to the LGBTQ community, including his son.

“When we released that song, I was really scared. I was so scared because I didn’t want to offend anyone. I knew that when I wrote that, I wasn’t wearing my own shoes. I wore someone else’s shoes,” said the seasoned rapper.

“I am afraid because I don’t want to write something that might make people say, ‘This person is crazy,’ it’s not like that at all,” he added.

“Sirena” was part of his 2012 album Mga Kuwento Ng Makata and was born when Sandwich vocalist Raymund Marasigan asked him to write a song about gays. Since then, with its relatable lyrics, it became a smash hit among the members of the community.

Gloc 9 recalled the moments when some came to him to thank him for writing the song.

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“One time, I think it was days after we released the music video, a group of production people came to the house to interview me about the song. And then we showed it to them, here’s the music video, maybe you’d like to watch it. And one of them was really sobbing at the end of the song. And then she said, ‘I feel that [song] because that’s exactly the story of my best friend. Thank you very much,’” he shared.

“Another time, I was a guest in a show on [ABS-CBN], a bouncer said, ‘Idol, thank you.’ I asked, ‘Why?’ ‘Because my child is also a sirena when I heard your song, I was enlightened,’” the rapper continued.

He then shared that his song was not just a gift for the LGBTQ community but also became his way to express his love for his son who came out a few years ago.

“My son is gay. When I wrote that, he hadn’t told us yet. I don’t know how to tell my child how much I love him. I am very proud of my child. I am excited for whatever he can achieve in his life,” said Gloc 9.

“Sometimes I think about how life gives you hints of magic here and there. When I finished ‘Sirena,’ I didn’t really know. And I don’t mind because he’s my child,” stated Gloc 9. “I am proud to have a son like Daniel. I love my children very much, and I will do everything for them. The song is my gift.”

Gloc 9 is celebrating his 27th anniversary in the industry and having a collaboration song with Gary Valenciano titled “Walang Pumapalakpak.”

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