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Francine Diaz teams up with Jamie Rivera for uplifting track

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Young actress  Francine Diaz  has joined forces with OPM (Original Pilipino Music) icon Jamie Rivera  for the release of the song “Faith, Hope and Love”. This collaboration marks Francine’s foray into the music industry, adding another dimension to her blooming career.

The song, released under the Inspire Music label headed by Rivera, carries a powerful message of peace and positivity. It also features the talents of male singers  KD Estrada  and  Jed Madela.

Expressing her heartfelt appreciation for the opportunity to be part of this meaningful project, Diaz shared her sentiments during a recent press conference.

“It’s both exciting and nerve-wracking because I’m afraid that people might expect me to be a good singer just because I’m part of ‘Faith, Hope and Love.’ But that’s not the case, I’m still learning and improving,” she shared.

The young actress also admitted to having doubts about pursuing a career in music, but the invitation to join this project solidified her desire to explore this new path.

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“I’m not sure if I’m ready to fully enter the music industry just yet. But this isn’t just an opportunity for me, it’s also a blessing,” said Francine.

“As someone who’s really a not singer, Ms. Jamie trusted me to be part of ‘Faith, Hope, and Love.’ I’m sure that when I’m ready, I’ll take the chance to enter the music industry. But for now, I’m keeping my doors open to new possibilities,” she stated.

Working with the inspirational singer, Francine was asked what made her say to sing a track under Inspire Music.

“It’s Ms. Jamie, how could I say no? Of course, I would give it a try. I also told myself that this is once in a lifetime, it might not happen again when I get older or if I say no, I might never really experience it at all. So, even though I am full of worries and fears, I still said yes,” she added.

The Fractured lead star also revealed how Jamie’s music had been a part of her childhood.

“I’ve been listening to Ms. Jamie’s songs since I was a kid. I even make it a habit to listen to her music every morning. So, when I heard that she was producing a song and I was part of it, I was overwhelmed with joy and surprise,” Francine continued.

The 19-year-old Kapamilya star also revealed that she is set to have collaboration with a Korean artist.

“It’s like an English version of a Korean song. But that’s all I can say for now. But we might start maybe this month or next month. We might do the shoot of the music video in Korea and then in the Philippines,” shared Francine.

On the other hand, Jamie, the driving force behind Inspire Music, shared how she envisions the label as a platform to inspire individuals from all walks of life through the power of music.

“Inspire Music is about inspiring people from all walks of life, to be inspired by the melody, by the lyrics, by the music,” she explained.

Inspire Music is set to release more inspirational tracks from Kapamilya singers  Angela Ken, Fana, Fabio Santos,  and  Imogen.

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