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Cool Cat Ash drops brave album about romance, self-love

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Singer-songwriter Cool Cat Ash embarks on a journey of seeking and understanding love in her new album, i find love. so. so. weird, released on October 27.

The album, which she wrote and produced herself, features 11 tracks that lean into a more chill and lo-fi vibe, a departure from her previous novelty and rock genres.

“I didn’t expect to release these songs in the first place,” Cool Cat Ash said of her exploration of a new genre. “Star Music encouraged me to write more upbeat and pop songs because they believed in me, so I’m very happy that they supported me in that way.”

The key track, “i find love. so. so. weird”, details the vulnerability of love and how terrifying it can be to fall for someone.

“It’s all about me finding love so weird because I’m kind of allergic to romantic love,” she explained during her album launch on October 25. “I feel like I’m too scared to fall deeply in love and I’m scared of being vulnerable and intimate with anyone. For this, I felt the peer pressure from people who have already found the one they love.”

Singer-songwriter Cool Cat Ash

Cool Cat Ash began her musical journey at a very young age. She released her first album, Gusto Kong Kumanta, which was written by the late composer Alex Catedrilla. However, she had to put her career on hold to focus on her studies. She is now taking a degree in music production at Berklee College of Music Boston while also working as a songwriter, producer, sound engineer, and DJ.

She was hailed as Rock Artist of the Year at the PMPC Star Awards 2022 and Novelty Artist of the Year last 2021, while her song “Mataba” won Novelty Song of the Year. She is also a part of the songwriting and production duo “Aunorable Productions” with her sister and fellow singer Marion Aunor.

As a recording artist, she has released several singles including “Changes,” “Best Friend,” and “Gone Too Soon.”


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