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Joaquin Balbuena’s Tambay brand marks 2nd year with grand concert

Rapper Joaquin Balbuena, known for his music, online series, and Tambay Caps venture, has a big announcement at the Tambay Festival on September 30 in Quezon City. During a recent media conference, he promised an exciting musical event celebrating his brand’s success and those who supported it.

“It’s going to be a grand musical extravaganza dedicated to the patrons of the brand and the people who helped him build it,” Balbuena told  Manila Standard Entertainment.

In addition to his music pursuits, Balbuena has been deeply involved in the production  Tambay  series, which took its first steps on Facebook a mere three years ago. It all began with a simple yet innovative idea: to create a situational comedy exclusively for Facebook, with the production team utilizing nothing more than their cell phones due to budget constraints.

Businessman and rapper Joaquin Balbuena

Remarkably, over the past three years, the  Tambay  series has garnered a staggering 2.8 billion views on Facebook, prompting Balbuena and his team to consider transforming it into a brand with a noble mission to support the homeless.

Building on the success of the online series, Balbuena ventured into the cap business during the pandemic, now serving as the CEO of Tambay Traders, Inc., a duly registered firm. Two years ago, he sold 1,000 caps at the price of P1,000.00 each, and these caps have now become highly sought-after collectibles, with some versions fetching as much as P25,000. Balbuena’s signature on the caps significantly enhances their value and desirability.

Reflecting on his remarkable journey, Balbuena recalled a time three years ago when he had no gigs or movie projects, right around the time of his baby’s birth. He attributes his subsequent success to his wife, Aira, who unwaveringly believed in him and provided the necessary capital to pursue his dreams.

Balbuena extended an open invitation to unemployed Filipinos and their supporters, encouraging them to participate in the sale of Tambay caps. The brand’s vision is to involve individuals and create income opportunities without any upfront investment.

Balbuena emphasized the transformative impact of the Tambay caps business, providing a lucrative and positive alternative to engaging in negative activities. The profit margin is substantial, and an active Facebook group of 38,000 members is dedicated to selling Tambay caps around the clock.

As the Tambay caps brand celebrates its second anniversary on September 30, Balbuena has promised a grand celebration during the Tambay Festival at Quezon Memorial Circle. Attendees can expect thrilling announcements, live music performances, jamming sessions, and the participation of bands, artists, performers, and the vibrant Tambay community.

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