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What Nathalie’s heart desires

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Sexy actress Nathalie Hart has been jet-setting between Australia and the Philippines thus she’s a bit selective in choosing the projects that she would accommodate. 

Case in point, her new film, Kunwari… Mahal Kita by Roderick Lindayag, was a perfect project to complement her busy lifestyle being a celebrity and an entrepreneur. 

Kunwari… Mahal Kita follows Greg (Joseph Marco) who is married to Cindy (Nathalie) –  the epitome of a successful woman. She seems to have everything in her life except for one thing – an, equally successful husband. 

Sexy actress Nathalie Hart’s experiences make her selective in choosing her projects

“I really like the project because there’s nothing sexualize about this film, if there’s something sexy about it, it’s part of the role I play. It’s something different from me because we’re talking about marriage and I’m a professional in the story,” Nathalie told Manila Standard Entertainment in a Zoom interview.  

“I can perfectly relate to the role, but the audiences really need to see it in the cinemas for them to understand where I’m coming from. She’s a bit bad or selfish in the story. She’s all about her career and money,” she added.

Nathalie (left) headlines the new film with Joseph Marco
‘Kunwari… Mahal Kita’ follows the story of Greg (Joseph Marco) who is married to Cindy (Nathalie)

In the story Cindy decides to call it quits with Greg, demanding an annulment. Greg tries to prevent it from happening but to no avail, Cindy doesn’t want to hear any apology anymore. To clear his mind, Greg rides all the way to his cousin Gab’s resort in La Union. This is where he meets Hydes (Ryza Cenon), a perky man-hating staff with which he had an unfortunate meet-cute with, until their relationship deepens. It all felt real until Cindy shows up at the resort, asking Greg to give their marriage another chance. 

From left: Nathalie Hart, Joseph Marco, and Ryza Cenon

“I didn’t feel like working. It feels like we’re just hanging out. I guess when you’re comfortable with your co-actors, working is just a breeze. It was my first time working on a film that didn’t feel stressful. This is the kind of project that makes my heart really feel at ease, this is the kind of project that I really desire,” Nathalie stated.

Nathalie has a reputation for being vocal about the roles she plays especially when they are completely different from her real-life personality. But she’s learned to ignore the people who bash her online whenever her comments don’t sit well with them.

“I will no longer share so much about my character because I’m not really good at answering trolls online, most especially when they don’t agree with my comments,” she said alluding to her previous statement regarding her LGBTQ character that made her a subject of bashers on social media. 

“I just ignore them. Sometimes I feel stupid whenever I say something wrong about my characters. But I’m really used to it. I just don’t care and I don’t have the energy to answer back,” Nathalie further stated.

According to the sexy actress, Kunwari… Mahal Kita wanted to answer the questions: In the game of make-believe, which is easier: Pretending to be in love or hiding that you’re in love? Which is more painful: Falling out of love or finding out that the love was fake all along?

“The theme is quite intriguing so I do hope that we get the support of the curious public,” she ended.

Also starring in the movie are Yayo Aguila, Josh Colet, Thou Reyes, and Eslove Briones. 

Kunwari… Mahal Kita opens in cinemas today from Viva Films.


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