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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Jane de Leon, Janella Salvador okay to lock lips onscreen

With their strong chemistry on screen via the fantasy-action drama series Darna where they play the titular character and major arch-nemesis respectively, Jane de Leon and Janella Salvador have no qualms entertaining the idea of doing a GL (Girls’ Love) project after their successful show wraps up.

“Of course, why not?” Janella avers.

“Yes, why not? But I hope it’s really good material with a wonderful storyline. I believe it’s still all about the craft considering that we’re both artists. Doing that genre would be a great challenge for us.”

According to Janella, the LGBTQIA + community will surely appreciate it if ever she and Jane will top-bill a GL series.

‘Mars Ravelo’s Darna’ co-stars Jane De Leon (left) and Janella Salvador

“I think it could matter a lot since the genre has still no concrete representation in the local ‘biz. That’s why I’m both open and willing to do it wholeheartedly.”

What if intimate scenes are required?

“Well, I’m ready for it! I just want to show that these relationships do exist. That it can happen between two men or two women. I want to normalize it. 

“I feel, they just want to have a good representation. That it should not be treated as if it’s something different. What they want is just to belong. So, I think we must normalize it.

“This will be a nice present to the LGBTQIA + community who supported our characters as Darna and Valentina. I feel happy to represent them in the project if ever. I think they supported our tandem because they weren’t represented well in terms of women’s love. I’m glad they did because I want to be the voice of those people who aren’t represented plus the fact that I love the community,” states Janella.

Meanwhile, Jane believes that if ever the project pushes through, it will be a good avenue for her and Janella to exhibit their acting chops.

“It’s a new thing for us. People are used to seeing us getting paired with male stars. Perhaps, the project is not just about GL but more importantly, about friendship and women empowerment,” ends Jane. 

* * *

Ysabel Ortega is presently juggling her time between her showbiz career and studies. After finishing a degree in Political Economy in 2022, she entered Law school at the start of the current year.

“It’s scary,” she states. “But I’m pursuing it because apart from show business, it’s my other passion. But it’s not because I’m entering politics in the future. I want to make good of my time that’s why I decided to pursue my Law studies even if I’m busy with my showbiz career. It’s just a matter of time management,” she says. 

“But of course, my priority is my work. Like now, we’re at the height of promoting Voltes V: Legacy. I also invest time in my career. I’m really doing my best to make it work,” she adds. 

Speaking of her upcoming GMA offering, the pretty lass admits that all of them in the cast have become super close to one another.

“We’re like brothers and sisters already. We’ve been working for almost three years already.”

It appears that Voltes V; Legacy will be pitted against ABS-CBN’s FPJ’s Batang Quiapo where her dad Senator Lito Lapid is part of the cast. What can she say about that?

“It’s just a small industry. For me and my dad, there’s no conflict. Our priority is to give our viewers quality shows. What’s good is that my dad and I are both supportive of each other,” Ysabel says. 

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