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Liza Soberano ready to be paired with other actors

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In spite of the success her love team with Enrique Gil, Liza Soberano is open to the possibility that they might be paired individually with other stars in the coming days.

“That’s right!” she says. This is showbiz. Anything can happen, right? We know that our love team is not permanent. If the management decides to separate us momentarily, we would follow their direction. 

In the first place, they know what’s best for me and Quen. I believe that pairing us with other stars will actually do us good. For one, the public won’t get tired of us easily. Seeing us on screen with other actors once in a while will help break the monotony and make them miss us. Secondly, it’s also important for our growth as thespians. 

Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano don't mind to be paired with other stars

Of course, if I have it my way, I like to always be paired with Quen. I’m comfortable with him. But we perfectly know that it won’t contribute to our development both as actors and individuals. Along the way, we should experience working with our fellow stars. That’s why we are very open to the idea. We don’t tie ourselves to each other.”

Their second major movie titled Everyday I Love You made a big killing at the tills. It also has successful international screenings.

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“Yes! We’re so thankful that the viewers patronized our next offering after Just the Way You Are. It’s simply overwhelming. At first, Quen and I were hesitant of what the public’s reception would be since Everyday I Love You is more mature and we had a love triangle in the person of Gerald Anderson. We’re grateful that we were able to achieve the goal of making it a hit despite its being a different material.

It’s heartwarming, too that the film is doing well in its international screenings. Quen and I flew to various international key cities before the showing of the movie. We pitched it in to our fellow Filipinos there. During that time, they were already excited to see it. We’re simply happy that they supported our latest silver screen offering!” 

In Everyday I Love You, fans were thrilled to witness their tender moments but with no kissing scene still. This is understandable since she’s only seventeen. By the time she’s already prepared to have a lip-locking scene in the future, would she prefer that it’s with Enrique?

“I don’t have an on screen kiss yet because I’m still young. But if you ask me if I want it to be with Quen when the right time comes, my answer is yes. Of course,” ends Liza.


Asked about the present status of her friendship with Andre Paras, Yassi Pressman avers, “Well, let’s put it this way: we’re happy with what we have at present. We’re very close. Compared to our Diary ng Panget days, the level of our closeness is far deeper at this point. I can say that apart from my dad, he’s the closest guy to me!”

Yassi Pressman and Andre Paras are simmering on screen

The pretty Viva star points out that she’s very much comfortable with her perennial screen partner.

“With Andre, I don’t need to pretend whatsoever. I can be myself and not be that conscious. It’s like we can read each other’s mind with just one look. We enjoy each other’s company so much. 

“As I’ve mentioned earlier, we’re happy with what we are now. I believe that it will just be complicated if we will hasten things like romance. Andre and I won’t force to put ourselves in another place. We’re very happy with what we share at present so, let’s leave it that way. Let’s see what happens in the future.”

It’s amazing that she and Andre were able to maintain their friendship with Nadine Lustre and James Reid, their Diary ng Panget co-stars who are considered as one of the top love teams nowadays.

“Oh yes! Their success is also our success. We’re happy and supportive of them and vice-versa. There’s no competition or insecurity whatsoever. We will always keep our friendship no matter what,” Yassi states.

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