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Jewelry brand embraces new era with fresh collection

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Local silver jewelry brand SilverWorks celebrated its 33rd anniversary by officially introducing the GenSW to the public during its three-day grand celebration from November 3 to 5 at the Trinoma Cinema Lobby.

The event allowed customers to shop, get piercings, and have their jewelry personalized.

For more than three decades, SilverWorks has been catering to generations of fashion mavericks and life celebrators with its pieces of silver jewelry.

Silverworks is now embracing a new era with a comeback that signifies a significant shift – one that underscores its importance by connecting generations, both young and old, through timeless style expression.

Through GenSW, it put together the style of the past and the sensibilities of the present, to etch a statement that reverberates into the future.

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Recently, SilverWorks paid homage to its past campaigns acknowledging its success with its latest line of jewelry pieces – the Retro Collection.

“The pieces came straight from our treasure trove of quirky statement jewelry. While they may have come from decades ago, they’re certainly not from a bygone era. The trend is back and forth, and popular styles from the past are making a comeback to the present. It won’t be surprising that we see them shaping the future,” shared Louie Gutierrez, CEO of Silverworks.

Gutierrez also explained why the brand had decided to come up with GenSW emphasizing the important roles of the youth in society.

“Today’s generation is all about standing up for something you believe in—causes that serve the greater good. Playing safe won’t cut it anymore; one must stand and speak up to stand out. As they fight for something they believe in, having fun and celebrating their youth is still important,” he shared.

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