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Axie Infinity Philippines: Changing Lives for the Better

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The Philippines has a love affair with Axie Infinity and it’s easy to see why. The popular blockchain game lets you play away the hours, but instead of wasting time, you’re making money. You are paid in cryptocurrency and often between Php 20,000 and 50,000 a month. You get to earn from home or wherever you can take your phone, computer, or tablet. 

Axie Infinity Philippines: Changing Lives for the Better

If you’re in the Philippines, you’ve probably heard whispers of Axie Infinity scholarships, and play-to-earn games but you might not know how they work or how you can get involved. There are many play 2 earn games but none have captured the imagination or love of so many people as Axie Infinity has. If you grew up in the last decade you’ll remember playing and collecting Pokemon cards or your own little tamagotchi. Axie Infinity was inspired by these classic games and has adventure and P2P (player-to-player) modes where you go up against quests and fight other players in the arena to get rewards. 

You play using your own team of adorable Axies. They’re virtual pets each with their own special abilities in attack and defence that live on the blockchain. There are nine different classes of Axie: reptile, plant, dusk, aquatic, bird, dawn, beast, bug, and mech. Although Axies do breed, creating new Axies, they are still very expensive because the game is so popular, especially in the Philippines. To play the game you need to buy a team of 3 Axies to get started. So for most people, they don’t have access to a game that could be life-changing. This is where player guilds come in. A guild is a group of players and cryptocurrency investors who come together to buy Axies and let other people borrow them to play. Some of the fastest-growing guilds operating today include CGU (Crypto Gaming United). The people lucky enough to get an Axie team from a guild like CGU are called scholars and have an Axie Infinity scholarship with the guild. The scholars earn actual cryptocurrency rewards that they can then turn back into real money, just by playing a game, and the guild takes a cut of your earnings because they let you play and earn money from their Axies. These Axie Infinity scholarships are a new, innovative and fair way to earn a living. The earnings on Axie Infinity are split evenly and fairly between the scholars and the guild managers. Guilds such as CGU will help you interact with other players from all around the world, so that you can learn, grow and succeed in your Axie Infinity scholarship, becoming a better player and earning more for yourself. 

In the Philippines especially Axie Infinity has taken the country by storm. A country of innovative, and tech-savvy people who are always looking to become the best version of themselves and explore new ways to become more successful. A documentary filmed in 2021 followed the lives of people in Cabanatuan City in the Philippines who became players and got Axie Infinity scholarships. These scholars were able to improve their lives and their incomes by playing Axie Infinity to earn cryptocurrency rewards in-game. 

The process of becoming a scholar and starting the journey to change your life with an Axie Infinity scholarship is challenging but rewarding. While there are managers on the internet who lend people their axies to play and earn, they may not be reliable. If you want an Axie infinity scholarship you should always try to find a guild. Guilds bring many players together from around the world, so you know that you can trust the managers and that they will help you get educated and earn more in the game. There are many guilds that now operate around the world. CGU (Crypto Gaming United) is one of the newest and largest guilds today. If you want to start your journey to an Axie Infinity Scholarship in the Philippines, visit CGU’s website and click the Join in Discord button. It could change your life like it has for so many other people.


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