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Weekly podcast listenership hits 17m in the Philippines — study

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A study reveals more Filipinos are now tuning in to podcasts.

The “Beyond the Headphones: The Portrait of a Podcast Listener as Filipino” report indicates that over 17 million internet-connected Filipinos, or 19.8 percent of the internet-connected population aged 16 to 64, listen to podcasts weekly. This marks an increase of 2.6 percent from 2023.

The report, a collaboration among the country’s three largest podcast networks, The Pod Network, Anima Podcast, PumaPodcast, and socio-cultural research firm The Fourth Wall, highlights the growing popularity of podcasts in the Philippines, which boasts an internet-connected population of 86.98 million.

According to the report, which surveyed hundreds of respondents, the popularity of podcasts has been rising since 2020. 

While the internet (81.9 percent) and social media (80.8 percent) remained the most preferred information platforms, in 2023, podcasts (50.5 percent) have surpassed other media platforms such as online video streaming sites (40.4 percent), online news portals (22.1 percent), and television (19.9 percent) as the most preferred information source. 

The report detailed that the rise of podcasts may be explained by the respondents’ prioritization of accessibility (82 percent) and convenience (74 percent) when choosing their media platform. 

The report said the majority of the country’s podcast listeners are millennials or Generation Y, or those aged 25 to 34, who live in urban areas such as the Greater Manila area.

The Fourth Wall Research Director John Brylle Bae said Filipinos’ listening habits and the country’s growing popularity of podcasts mirror the global trend of becoming one of the leading sources of information.

(From left) Brylle Bae, Research Director, Fourth Wall; GB Labrador, creator, The KoolPals; Dani Barretto, creator, The Bare It All Podcast; Bianca Gonzales, creator, Paano Ba ‘To; Ceej Tantengco-Malolos, Head of Business Development, PumaPodcast.

“Our research has found that the majority of podcast audiences tend to listen to podcasts after work or school hours, when commuting, or while doing household chores. This pattern is in line with global trends where podcasts serve as a preferred source of both entertainment and information. Audiences choose podcasts for their ability to seamlessly integrate into daily routines, offering a unique mix of engaging and informative content,” Bae said.

A 2022 study by the Pew Research Center indicated that 67 percent of American podcast listeners claim that the podcasts they subscribe to discuss news and current events. Of those who get news from podcasts, 87 percent expect the information to be mostly accurate.

The report also revealed the most listened-to podcast genres in the Philippines. About 74 percent of those surveyed revealed they listen to comedy podcasts led by podcasts like The KoolPals, followed by personal development (64 percent), culture (55 percent), and politics (49 percent). 

The survey suggested that podcast consumers gravitate towards topics that are both entertaining and informative, underscoring their preference for engaging yet substantial content.

The study findings were presented during the event, “Podcasts, Pizza, and Pints,” hosted by the three podcast networks, last month.

In addition to discussing the report’s findings, the event also highlighted how brands can effectively incorporate podcasts into their marketing strategies. Spotify’s Wrapped for Advertisers for 2023 report revealed that podcast ads have accelerated by 40 percent year-on-year (YoY), making them the platform’s fastest-growing ad product.

Alan Fontanilla, CEO of The Pod Network, said the growing popularity of podcasts in the Philippines, cited in the report, provides advertisers and marketers with another avenue to reach their audiences.

“We are at an intersection in the evolution of media consumption in the Philippines. As more Filipinos tune into podcasts for their unique blend of entertainment and information, we see an invaluable opportunity for creators and advertisers alike to engage with an audience that values depth and accessibility. We are excited about what’s to come as we celebrate and leverage this dynamic shift towards audio-first content,” Fontanilla said.

(To get full access to the “Beyond the Headphones: The Portrait of a Podcast Listener as Filipino” report and discover more about podcasting trends in the Philippines, you may visit


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