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Quiboloy’s evasive maneuvers collapse under scrutiny

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“It is imperative for Quiboloy to cease his evasive tactics and engage with the Senate’s inquiry”

In the ongoing saga surrounding allegations of sexual abuse and other offenses against Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, his camp’s feeble attempt to dodge accountability has been met with rightful skepticism and condemnation.

Quiboloy’s lawyer, Melanio Elvis Balayan, has resorted to a labyrinth of legal acrobatics in a desperate bid to shield his client from facing the music.

However, a closer examination reveals the flimsiness of their arguments and the glaring deficiencies in their rationale.

Balayan’s audacious assertion that the Senate’s investigation constitutes a usurpation of judicial functions reeks of legal contortionism.

The Senate, vested by the Constitution with the authority to conduct inquiries in aid of legislation, is well within its purview to summon individuals for questioning.

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Quiboloy’s refusal to comply is not an exercise of his Constitutional rights but a blatant disregard of the rule of law and the responsibilities inherent in his position.

Furthermore, the claim that the Senate has prejudged Quiboloy’s guilt is a feeble attempt to deflect attention from the crux of the matter.

The Senate, acting in its legislative capacity, is not a court of law and does not possess the authority to render judgments or impose criminal sanctions.

Rather, its objective is to gather information to enlighten potential legislative action—a fact conveniently overlooked by Quiboloy and his legal team.

Quiboloy’s invocation of religious freedom as a shield against accountability is equally fallacious.

While religious freedom is indeed a cherished right, it is not a license to flout the law or evade scrutiny.

Quiboloy’s attempts to cloak himself in the mantle of religious autonomy are disingenuous at best and serve only to undermine the principles of justice and equality before the law.

Contrastingly, the stance taken by a legal luminary in this matter is refreshingly clear-eyed and principled.

By unequivocally rejecting Quiboloy’s specious arguments and affirming the Senate’s authority to compel his appearance, the legal luminary has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to upholding the rule of law and safeguarding the integrity of our institutions.

It is imperative for Quiboloy to cease his evasive tactics and engage with the Senate’s inquiry.

By participating fully and openly, he can address the allegations against him and provide clarity to the public.

This is not about legal judgments or punishment; rather, it is about upholding principles of transparency and accountability.

By cooperating with the Senate, Quiboloy can demonstrate his commitment to these principles and contribute to a fair and thorough investigation.

Quiboloy’s attempts to evade accountability through legal maneuvering are not only transparently self-serving but also fundamentally at odds with the principles of justice and the rule of law.

It is incumbent upon him to cease his obstructionist tactics and submit himself to the scrutiny of the Senate.

Anything less would constitute a gross dereliction of duty and a betrayal of the trust placed in him by his followers and the Filipino people at large.

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