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Will the ‘Big One’ hit Metro Manila

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“It is obvious that China’s aggressive incursion within the Exclusive Economic Zone and on territories in the Philippines doesn’t seem to stop”

THE 7.4 magnitude earthquake that hit Taiwan last week  can only remind us that the ‘Big One’ can also hit Metro Manila.

A reminder to all that Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines are all within the “Ring of Fire” and if the “Big One” were to hit Metro Manila the devastation would be so catastrophic and the death toll would be in the hundreds of thousands, if not in the millions. 

Santa Banana, note the fact that the epicenter of the Taiwan earthquake was outside the landmass of Taiwan, and that tsunami warnings had been issued for Japan and the Philippines, which were soon lifted.

I hate to imagine what can happen to Metro Manila, considering that the metropolis  sits on fault lines, my gulay!

Earthquakes are unpredictable.

They can happen anytime, anywhere.  I can only recall that collapse of the Ruby Towers on Aug 2, 1968 where 322 people died, wounding about 300 and damaged more than 30 buildings in the capial.

Santa Banana, what more will happen  if an earthquake of similar magnitude as the one that hit Taiwan will hit (God forbid) Metro Manila?

Thank heavens, my wife and I no longer live in a high rise, not by force of circumstance, but by choice, and are now living with my daughter in a village. 

Thus, it would do well for the government to continue with earthquake drills, just to be prepared.   Just pray to God, the “Big One” will not happen.


On another subject, all those many trips President Marcos Jr. has been making  of late not only to cement ties and relations in the wake of China’s continued aggression in the West Philippine Sea can only be interpreted by China as provocations by the Philippines particularly since China  has been beefing up its naval forces, not only its coast guard, but its militia vessels as well..

I cannot blame BBM, since it is obvious that China’s aggressive incursion within the Exclusive Economic Zone and on  territories in the Philippines doesn’t seem to stop.

Recall all those incidents whenever the Philippine coast guard vessels and other vessels were on resupply missions to Ayungin (SecondThomas) Shoal for the needs of soldiers safeguarding the grounded RPS Sierra Madre where the Philippine boats and vessels were water-cannoned by Chinese coast guard vessels, to the extent of injuring some crew members and even injuring some.

All we can  do is to file diplomatic protests.

Thus, the President has no choice but to solicit help from allies.

China with its huge propaganda machine may call this a provocation, but the Philippines cannot do anything by itself to stop China’s seemingly unstoppable incursions into the EEZ and  the West Philippine Sea.

The problem is, will China ever stop bullying the Philippines?

So, my gulay, if the bullying continues, the Philippines will forever be at the mercy of China.

So what else can we do but seek the help of our allies?

Knowing there’s nothing else the Philippines can do, I hate to say it, but how long can we be at the mercy of China? 

President Marcos Jr. and we, all Filipinos, are at their mercy  because China is a Gioliath to us.

We have no choice but to suffer “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,  as Hamlet would say it.  This is also the dilemma of BBM.


I would like to express my sincere condolences to the family of Elpi O. Cuna Jr., my former student at the Ateneo de Manila, who died recently.

Elpi was one time vice president of Meralco and also the PR officer of San Miguel Corporation.  Elpi was the vice president of the Manila Overseas Press Club, of which I am chairman emeritus.

I will miss Elpi.


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