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Roque exposes China’s bullying: Non-binding deal’s betrayal

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We must resist China’s attempts to subjugate us through deceit and coercion

In a shocking revelation, former presidential spokesperson Harry Roque has brought to light a disturbing “gentleman’s agreement” between the Philippines and China, orchestrated during the controversial tenure of Rodrigo Duterte.

According to Roque, this agreement shackled the Philippines, forbidding it from undertaking essential repairs to the BRP Sierra Madre in the Ayungin Shoal, relegating our military outpost to a dilapidated state.

The audacity of China to impose such a non-binding and non-legal agreement on the Philippines is nothing short of an affront to our sovereignty.

Roque’s statements, though uncharacteristically candid, unveils the insidious nature of China’s manipulative tactics in the region.

It is utterly despicable that China, emboldened by its unchecked expansionist agenda, would resort to bullying tactics to undermine the Philippines’ territorial integrity.

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The notion that a sovereign nation must grovel before a behemoth like China, seeking permission to undertake basic maintenance on its own territory, is a grave injustice.

Roque’s condemnation of China’s actions is warranted, yet his stance on capitulating to China’s whims is deeply flawed.

His suggestion to leave the BRP Sierra Madre in a state of disrepair, merely to placate China and avoid provoking its wrath, is a cowardly capitulation to tyranny.

To prioritize temporary appeasement over the long-term defense of our sovereignty is a betrayal of our national interests.

Furthermore, Roque’s assertion that President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. might not uphold this egregious agreement is a feeble attempt to deflect blame.

The responsibility lies not with individual personalities but with the government as a whole to safeguard our nation’s sovereignty and dignity.

It is imperative the Philippines, under the leadership of President Marcos Jr., assert its rights in the South China Sea unequivocally.

We must reject any attempt by China to dictate the terms of our engagement in our own waters.

The time has come for the Philippines to reclaim its agency, to stand tall against the bullying tactics of an oppressive regime.

As we navigate these turbulent waters, let us not lose sight of the larger goal: peace and stability in the South China Sea.

This can only be achieved through diplomatic dialogue, conducted under the auspices of international law and respect for sovereign rights.

The Philippines and China must return to the negotiation table as equals, with mutual respect and adherence to the principles of justice.

Let us heed Roque’s chicken-hearted warning as a call to action.

We must resist China’s attempts to subjugate us through deceit and coercion.

Our sovereignty is non-negotiable, and we must defend it with unwavering resolve.

The Philippines deserves better than to be treated as a pawn in China’s geopolitical games.

Let us rise to the occasion and assert our rightful place on the world stage.

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