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Duterte’s u-turns throws Filipinos in limbo

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It is time for Duterte to rise above the petty squabbles of the political arena and embrace the mantle of leadership with sincerity and conviction

In the deafening arena of Philippine politics, where alliances shift like sand in a storm, former President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent somersaults regarding President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. have left the nation reeling.From venomous accusations to saccharine praise, Duterte’s narrative spin during the recent prayer rally in Cebu City paints a vivid picture of political opportunism at its most brazen.At the heart of this dizzying flip-flop lies Duterte’s mercurial stance on Charter Change (Cha Cha).His about-face from staunch opposition to a tepid acceptance, contingent upon Marcos Jr.’s commitment to a single term, epitomizes the precariousness of political promises.Duterte’s call for unity under the auspices of Cha Cha is a siren song to a nation weary of division, yet his conditional support hangs by a thread, subject to the whims of power and personalities.Duterte’s admonition for Marcos Jr. to tread cautiously, lest he follow in his father’s authoritarian footsteps, rings hollow against the backdrop of Duterte’s own flirtation with authoritarianism.His veiled threats against those who dare challenge his policies, particularly regarding the ICC probe into his drug war, paint a chilling portrait of a leader unwilling to be held accountable for his actions.But perhaps most disconcerting is Duterte’s exhortation for Filipinos to place their faith in the Constitution, even as he wields it as a weapon of convenience.His insistence on adherence to its provisions, while simultaneously advocating its manipulation to suit his political agenda, undermines the very foundation of democratic governance.In this precarious dance of power and principle, Duterte’s capriciousness erodes the trust of the Filipino people.His vacillation between condemnation and commendation of Marcos Jr. reveals a leader untethered from conviction, guided solely by the shifting winds of expediency. Such opportunism breeds cynicism and discord, sowing the seeds of division in an already fractured nation.Now, more than ever, the Filipino people yearn for sincerity and steadfastness from their leaders.They crave a unifying vision that transcends petty politics and personal vendettas.They demand a commitment to the greater good, untainted by self-interest or ambition.It is time for Duterte to rise above the petty squabbles of the political arena and embrace the mantle of leadership with sincerity and conviction.He must heed the call for unity, setting aside his personal grievances in service of the nation. He must lead by example, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to the principles of democracy and the rule of law.As the phantom of Cha Cha looms large over the Philippine political landscape, Duterte must choose his path wisely.He must eschew the allure of expediency in favor of the enduring values of integrity and honor.He must stand firm in defense of Constitutionalism, not as a tool of manipulation, but as a beacon of hope for a nation in need of guidance.In the twilight hours of his political career, Duterte has the opportunity to leave a legacy of unity and purpose. Let him seize this moment, not as a politician seeking to preserve his own power, but as a leader devoted to the welfare of the Filipino people and the future of their nation. The time for flip-flopping is over.The time for sincerity and firmness is now.

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