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Japan favors China over Israel-Palestine conflict

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“The Jewish state that was originally created by the British and Americans did not expect a surge of sympathy for the Palestinian people”

The Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, surprisingly voted to favor China’s resolution for urging Israel to immediately stop the genocidal bombing of Palestine as a policy of collectively punishing the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli bombing began on Oct. 7, when Hamas guerrilla fighters stormed the gates of the small piece of territory called the Gaza Strip.

Immediately, the corrupt and murderous Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the action taken by Hamas was a declaration of war against Israel.

Israel then proceeded to apply the policy to relentlessly bomb the whole of the Palestinian territory in a policy of imposing a collective punishment against the people of Palestine with the ultimate objective of erasing the two-state formula adopted in a UN Security Council Resolution but has been consistently rejected by Israel since 1967.

(Editor’s Note: Prime Minister Netanyahu said Israel is ‘at war’ after Gaza militants launched a surprise attack on Oct. 7, firing thousands of rockets and entering Israel by land, sea and air using paragliders. At least 1,200 people, mainly civilians, died and thousands of others wounded in Israel, officials said. The Palestinian armed group then took around 240 hostages back to Gaza, the enclave under its control.)

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Since the Israeli bombing started, the erstwhile Jewish state that was slowly gaining international recognition suddenly found itself isolated from the rest of the members of the Islamic and Arab world.

Even Islamic countries waned to mend ties with Israel for economic gains and some had to break up its ties suspecting that the government of Netanyahu is the reincarnation of the government of Hitler adopting an apartheid and racist government.

Netanyahu always wanted a quick solution to the conflict and cheaper to resolve.

That was the strategy he had in mind, not knowing the Palestinians are conditioned to fighting a long-drawn and bloody war with Israel.

The Jewish state originally created by the British and Americans did not expect a surge of sympathy for the Palestinian people.

The attempt by the barbaric Netanyahu government to erase Palestine in the Middle East was surprisingly met with stiff resistance.

Countries like Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, Turkey, Russia, China, Mali, Burkina Daso, Nigeria, Denmark and even Canada voted to condemn Israel.

Surprisingly, Japan and South Korea followed suit.

Many were startled because these countries were traditional allies of the US.

As one would ask, maybe their vote was a signal the US was losing its grip and support in their support for the US and Israel?

The continued support for Israel by Japan and South Korea for just propping up the US could lose much of their economic credibility in Asia which they know is heavily influenced by China.

The US economy is already suffering from acute devaluation and it could fall to an uncontrollable inflation.

The Hamas-Israeli conflict only served to exacerbate the hate fanned by the Netanyahu administration.

His racist and often barbaric approach thought as the only approach to handle the situation has backfired to divide deeper the Western alliance against Israel.

Belgium, Canada, Great Britain and, later, Asian countries like Japan and South Korea, were soon affected by the crisis.

The racist Jewish state did not realize the blood-thirsty brutality will have its own limitation.

Nobody expected that untrammeled brutality equivalent to barbarism will elicit sympathy even from the enemies of the Jews.

Belgium, Turkey, Canada and even Great Britain had for the first time held a massive rally in support of Palestine viz. against the Israeli bombing of hospitals which was purposely done to kill Palestinian civilians and children.

This brutality exhibited by the Jews surpassed the atrocities committed by the Nazi Germans in World War II.

Israeli jets relentlessly pummeled civilian population even ordering the cutting off of power supply to hospitals, knowing that many of the patients badly needing oxygen would die should air and power supply is cut.

The unprecedented inhumanity exhibited by the Jews touched most civilized nations.

Even Japan which was accused of brutality during World War voted to condemn Israel.

Japan consistently voted in support of Israel, a staunch ally of the US.

Likewise, South Korea, a known lackey of the US, departed from its usual vote of supporting Israel. All this sent a signal in the attitude of US allies toward the state of Israel.

It is not only American allies in Asia that could feel the brunt of sustaining the imperialist war waged by the US.

The crack is visible that it could be seen and felt in Europe. The artificiality in creating the state of Israel is about to come to an end.

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