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‘Filipinos do not yield,’ Marcos reiterates on Independence Day

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On this year’s Independence Day, President Marcos underscored the public’s crucial role in the nation’s progress and in protecting its sovereignty.

“On many occasions, great trials have all the more strengthened our resolve and unified our people because as I have said, ‘Filipinos do not yield’,” President Marcos declared at the Vin d’honneur in Malacañang, celebrating the nation’s enduring spirit amid modern challenges.

He urged Filipinos to honor their forefathers’ sacrifices by protecting the nation and drawing strength from their heroic past. 

President Marcos also underscored the importance of an independent foreign policy, promoting peace, and strengthening international alliances.

The Vin d’honneur is an official reception held at Malacañang Palace on New Year’s Day and Independence Day.

In an earlier message, the Chief Executive also highlighted the steadfast spirit of freedom in farmers, fishermen, teachers, and soldiers, noting their essential roles in sustaining the nation and protecting its sovereignty.

“While the times may be different our struggles remain the same. Still, we continue to witness the true spirit of freedom in every Filipino who fights fairly in their day-to-day lives,” President Marcos said.

“We see it in the resilience of our farmers and fisherfolks as they provide us sustenance. We see it in the dedication of our teachers as they nurture the minds of the future generation. We see it in the tenacity of our soldiers as they protect every inch of our territory, adamant as they are in the certainty that Filipinos do not, and shall never, succumb to oppression,” he added.

Reflecting on the historic day in Kawit, Cavite, where the Philippine flag was first waved in 1898, Mr. Marcos commended the enduring nationalism and unity of Filipinos, honoring their ancestors’ legacy.

“A century and a quarter have passed since we unshackled the chains of subjugation yet the fervor of nationalism persistently burns brightly in each of us today. We stand united as ever, upholding with pride the hard-earned liberty bequeathed to us by our forebears,” he stated.

The President urged Filipinos to build a “Bagong Pilipinas,” aspiring for a just, progressive, and independent future.

“As we celebrate the founding of our nation today, let us dedicate ourselves to the challenging but rewarding task of realizing the full potential of the Filipinos and building a Bagong Pilipinas—one that truly embodies the ideals of a just, progressive, and independent Republic,” he said.

Editor’s Note: This is an updated article. Originally posted with the headline “Marcos commemorates 2024 Independence Day with a message of unity and resilience.”


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