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Zubiri says Cha-Cha is ‘dead’ in the Senate

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Although resigned, former Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri declared that Charter Change (Cha-Cha) is dead in the Senate. His successor, meanwhile, Senate President Francis Escudero said “it’s not for me to say.”

“I have my own position. We will discuss it with the majority bloc and I have no reason to change my position,” said Escudero in a media briefing.

Despite assuming his new role in the Senate, Escudero stood his ground. He indicated that he won’t change his hardline stance against Cha-Cha, which is being pushed by Malacañang.

Escudero said there is “no reason to be concerned about it,” in response to a query from the media.

The newly elected Senate President reiterated that he was one of the most vocal against Resolution of Both Houses No. 6 (RBH 6), which seeks to amend the three restrictive economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution pertaining to public utilities, education and advertising.

The public hearings and consultations set on May 23 and May 24 in Cebu and Cagayan De Oro City, respectively, were temporarily halted following the resignation of Senator Juan Edgardo Angara, who has been presiding over the Cha-Cha hearings as chairperson of the Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Codes.

Angara sided with Zubiri in the latest struggle for power. He also quit chairmanship of two other Senate committees—Youth and Finance.

Escudero said no Cha-Cha hearings will be held outside Metro Manila and inside the Senate.

The new Senate President said he will first discuss this matter with the majority in the Senate.

“We will formally make our decision as a group and as a Senate with respect to this,” Escudero said.


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