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Coast Guard meets with Indonesian counterpart

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The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) welcomed the delegation from Indonesian Maritime Security Agency or the “Badan Keamanan Laut” (BAKAMLA) on their two-day visit from June 19 to June 20.

The BAKAMLA and PCG delegations engaged in discussions to explore avenues for future collaboration, organizations, training programs, and operational strategies, highlighting mutual areas of interest and cooperation.

Also, the PCG provided a briefing on PCG’s Training Programs for officers and non-officers and the PCG Organizational Briefing which highlighted the functional commands covering Maritime Safety, Maritime Security and Law Enforcement, and Marine Environmental Protection, PCG’s Safety, Security, and Environmental Numbering System, and the capacity-building programs received by the PCG.

During the visit, both agencies emphasized the exchange of knowledge and best practices as integral to enhancing their capabilities and addressing maritime security challenges. The discussions focused on identifying opportunities for joint initiatives and strengthening bilateral maritime cooperation.

As ASEAN Coast Guard Forum (ACF) member agencies, the visit also served as a platform for people-to-people engagement, fostering a deeper understanding and partnership between the PCG and BAKAMLA. It highlighted the shared commitment to maritime safety and security in the region.


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