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Taguig City grants free franchises to 1.3K tricycle units

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The city government of Taguig has granted free franchises to 1,300 tricycle units owned by various tricycle operators and drivers associations (TODA) in EMBO (Enlisted Men’s Barrio) villages.

Mayor Laarni Cayetano emphasized the importance of having permits and urged drivers to comply with laws and regulations, prioritize riders’ safety, and be responsible members of their associations.

“What the City of Taguig is giving is not just an ordinary franchise, but also trust – and we know as Filipinos, trust is priceless,” Cayetano said in a recent event held at the Benigno S. Aquino High School in Barangay Comembo.

“Let’s adhere to the laws and rules and always consider the safety of our riders. Let’s commit to being responsible members of our associations,” the mayor added.

The presidents of the 34 TODA in EMBO received their Motorized Tricycle Operator’s Permits (MTOP), allowing them to legally operate their tricycles for their livelihood.

Tricycle drivers and operators expressed gratitude for the free franchises, stating that they were thankful for the opportunity to renew their permits without fear of fines and earn a decent income legally.

“Before, we renewed every year and we still took care of the paperwork. But now, we are grateful to the Taguig government for giving us all the opportunity to renew (our franchise) free of charge and then they even came here for us,” said Rolando Alapre, a tricycle driver of nine years, who services the routes of Barangays Pembo, Rizal, Comembo, and East Rembo.

Baby Delia Sabado-Domingo from Barangay Pembo said that after 10 years of driving a tricycle, her husband has finally been given a franchise that allows them to operate without fear of fines and earn a decent income legally.

Cayetano said the local government’s commitment to safety and compliance with laws is a testament to the city’s program to provide a safe and responsible environment for tricycle operators.


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