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Philippine National Games bill moves closer into becoming a law—Go

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Senator Christopher Lawrence Go on Thursday welcomed the approval of his Philippine National Games bill on second reading by his fellow legislators. The proposed measure aims to ensure better grassroots sports development towards a more structured national sports program.

The Philippine National Games will be organized every two years like a ‘mini-Olympics’ to discover and nurture potential athletes from every corner of the country, according to Go. It will include the participation of para-athletes or persons with disabilities (PWDs).

The proposed measure, which was filed under Senate Bill No. 2514, hurdled the period of interpellations and amendments on second reading after incorporating crucial revisions. With this development, Go said the bill moves one step closer into becoming a law.

Go, chairperson of the Senate committee on sports, said among the key changes to the bill include the rephrasing of the Philippine National Games’ role to serve as one of the country’s national sports competitions.

This adjustment aims to recognize the importance of other significant sports events in the country, such as the ‘Palarong Pambansa.’ The bill also explicitly includes para-athletes, ensuring equal opportunities for athletes with disabilities.

“The changes reflect our commitment to a more inclusive sports program that reaches all levels of our society,” said Go.

The proposed measure also mandates that the Philippine National Games will be held in collaboration with municipalities under the jurisdiction of the provinces and cities, ensuring broader participation.

The coordination with the ‘Palarong Pambansa’ and other local and international competitions has also been emphasized to avoid scheduling conflicts and prioritize the welfare of the athletes.

The Senate also approved a provision that prevents athletes from switching delegations after participating in qualifying competitions, ensuring fair play and consistent representation.

Furthermore, the amendments allow the use of school facilities of the Department of Education (DepEd) for the Philippine National Games, provided other facilities are utilized first, to accommodate the needs of those who are participating for the events. 


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