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PH will buy avian flu vaccine made in Czech Republic, says Marcos

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PRAGUE—The Philippines is keen on procuring avian flu vaccines from the Czech government, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said.

During his three-day state visit to the Czech Republic, President Marcos, in an interview with the Philippine media delegation, shared his plan to procure the vaccines.

“They have an Avian flu vaccine, coming close to developing a Swine flu vaccine. So, that’s what we are looking for. Not only will we procure it, but hopefully we’ll produce it locally,” the President said.

The President also said that the Department of Agriculture is currently engaged in exploratory discussions with its Czech counterpart to bolster the Philippines’ livestock industry.

“Our interest lies in the trade of meat products. They have a robust beef export industry, equipped with technologies, as Secretary Kiko (Francis Tiu Laurel) briefed me earlier, aimed at enhancing the health of their livestock,” President Marcos said.

“We’re looking into not just procuring but potentially localizing the production, ensuring we have our domestic source. These are the areas we’re focusing on.” President Marcos emphasized the significance of trade, acknowledging the disparity in agricultural products and seasons between the two nations.

However, he highlighted the potential for acquiring innovative livestock technologies.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic will visit Manila next week to discuss possible fields of cooperation with the country’s agriculture sector.

Czech Agriculture Minister Marek Výborný is poised to lead the Czech delegation next week to pave the way for robust cooperation aimed at bolstering food security endeavors.


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