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Galvez enjoins people to rally behind Marcos’ Bagong Pilipinas initiative

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Presidential Adviser on Peace, Reconciliation and Unity Carlito Galvez, Jr. throws full support to the Marcos administration’s “Bagong Pilipinas” initiative as he called on the people to rally behind the campaign that aims to bring greater peace, progress and unity to the country.

“I urge my fellow Filipinos to fully support the national government’s Bagong Pilipinas campaign. This is a multi-sectoral effort that seeks to bring all of us together as one nation regardless of ethnicity, religion, economic status or personal beliefs,” Galvez said.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Sunday formally launched the “Bagong Pilipinas” campaign, outlining “a master plan for genuine development that benefits all our people.”

In his speech at the launch ceremony, the President stressed that it is not a “mere slogan” but a “holistic and inclusive brand of governance” that will guide the government in its development and peace- building efforts.

“The purpose of Bagong Pilipinas is to lay down ideals that we must achieve for the future of our country. The patchy plan that is different is over and all that’s happening is that we’re falling apart,” the Chief Executive said.

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According to Galvez, Bagong Pilipinas is the Marcos administration’s symbol for national renewal, as it seeks to “build a society that will provide all Filipinos with equal opportunities to uplift their lives and fulfil their full potential.”

“Bagong Pilipinas is a new mind-set, a paradigm shift that will enable our nation to overcome issues that have pushed back its growth and caused divisiveness among our people. This will enable our country to move forward under the President’s banner of unity,” he explained.

In a press statement, President Marcos said the “Bagong Pilipinas” is not a political game plan that caters to a privileged few, but a master plan for genuine development that benefits people from all walks of life.

“Bagong Pilipinas is not a new partisan coalition in disguise. It is a set of ideals that all we Filipinos, regardless of political creed or religion or wealth, can coalesce around. Bagong Pilipinas is addressed to all government officials and employees, and citizens of this country,” President Marcos declared.

“It is an invitation to all of us to think about being a Filipino and view the nation from a renewed perspective. It is a call for transformation. The transformation of our idea of being a Filipino, and the transformation of our economy, of governance, of society,” he added.

“Bagong Pilipinas transcends this administration,” Marcos said.

The President also asserted that Bagong Pilipinas is “no Trojan Horse” as it conceals no agenda, but a program of many workhorses driven by the love of the country with vision that requires “for all of us to work very hard,” which is a responsibility not only of the government, but by everyone.

He said that Bagong Pilipinas can only succeed with everyone’s participation.

Galvez said Bagong Pilipinas is also a strong reminder to all government workers to do their jobs to the best of their abilities, and ensure that Filipinos are provided with the services that they rightfully deserve.

The President said, “Services must be fast, projects must be completed on time. Deadlines must be met per schedule, distress calls must be responded to without delay,” he said.

Galvez said the guidance of the President is very apt as this reminds the government workers not to forget their mandate which is to serve the people.

“As civil servants, the President is reminding us that we must not compromise in any way in the performance of our duties. We have to always bear in mind that we are here to serve the Filipino people.

They deserve nothing less,” Galvez said.

He also stressed that the government’s Bagong Pilipinas campaign also applies to the comprehensive Philippine peace process, as it urges Filipinos to set aside their personal differences and work together for the common good.

“Bagong Pilipinas beckons us to let go of our biases and become instruments of peace, mutual understanding and solidarity. It is this common vision of genuine peace and sustainable development that will enable us to move forward as a nation,” Galvez said.

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