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Isko wants to show gratitude in Tondo miting de avance

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Aksyon Demokratiko standard-bearer Isko Moreno Domagoso on Wednesday said holding Team Isko’s miting de avance in Moriones, Tondo this Saturday is his way of showing gratitude to neighbors, friends and residents in the area where he started his journey as a public servant.

“I am indebted to the people of Tondo wherever I am in the world of public service. That’s where I started, that’s where I’ll end the fight. I started there (as a councilor) and I’ll end (my presidential campaign) there. I will give that to the Tondo people in return. That’s the reason behind it. I just want to see them,” Moreno told reporters on the sidelines of a town hall meeting in Barangay Mambaling in Cebu City.

Moreno was reacting to a question by members of the media why he chose Tondo to end his 90-day presidential campaign and what was the possible symbolism behind it.

Tondo is known for being one of the poorest and most underdeveloped areas of the country. Many of the city’s slums are found in this area and it is also the location of the notorious but now closed landfill, the infamous Smokey Mountain.

“Moriones is the common thing. The northern part of Tondo is easy to get by jeep. If it’s here in the southern part of Tondo, you can still walk to Zaragoza. It’s close to the center because we made a garden,” Moreno explained.

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The charismatic local chief executive also said that his confidence of winning the presidential elections is still high due to his belief that there is a God, who comes first in all his undertakings.

“Why am I confident? There is a God. ‘Didn’t say Vox Populi, Vox Dei (The voice of the people is the voice of God). Now, if we don’t believe in something, let’s not believe in another leader of the country. It’s as if I’m the only one. Now, I’ll do my best and let God do the rest,” Moreno pointed out.

At the same time, Moreno said it is not too late for the public to put an end to the infighting between the Marcoses and Aquinos by voting for another candidate who will give them peace of mind by addressing the real problems confronting Filipinos – unemployment, high cost of electricity and fuel, rising prices of basic commodities, inequality and injustice, among others.

Moreno said such promise will also be done for the people of Cebu if they and the rest of the country elect him as the next president of the country.

“People who happened in Rockwell shouted, quarreled, scandal, in a mall of red and yellow pink, it’s only a preview of what is going to happen. If red wins, yellow will not be silenced. If the yellow wins, they will take revenge on the red, they will take revenge on Duterte.

There is no stopping it, in 1986 we were looking forward to the change promised to us. My question is, have you achieved the change that the Filipinos worked for in that revolution?” he said.

“Now, if you are tired of the fight of red and yellow I am available. If you want peace of mind, let me just move on and face our problems. Again, I’m offering everyone it’s not too late. Join me as we end the fight of red and yellow. Let’s just move on and I’ll give you peace of mind and I will deliver what I have promised in the campaign. The same thing that I promised in Manila in the 2019 elections which in my opinion at least, I don’t know in the people of Manila, everything promised happened. What I promised to do for 10 years was accomplished in three years. So, I’ll do the same thing,” he added.

Moreno said with elections just five days away, Team Isko continue to rally their people on the ground and assure them that he and the rest of Aksyon Demokratiko candidates which include his running mate Dr. Willie Ong, senatorial bets Carl Balita, Samira Gutoc and Jopet Sison, and guest senatorial candidate John Castriciones of PDP-Laban, will continue fighting till the end to convince more people to vote for them.

“In between as long as we talk to someone. I think they are doing the same thing. The commitment is reinforced, the commitment is really glued and then God has mercy.

But, it was still continuous until 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, the same thing directly to the person,” he said.

The Action. Democratic presidential bet also took the opportunity to thank the people of Mambaling for the warm reception they extended to him and the rest of his slate despite the short notice given to them about their visit to the area.

“So, I’m very grateful to Mambaling and Cebu City and Cebuanos that every time we go here whether it’s in the far-flung areas or highly-urbanized cities they warmly welcome me. Many thanks to them, ”Moreno said.

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