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Monday, June 24, 2024

Ex-mayor may gain freedom on ‘good conduct’

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Former Calauan, Laguna Mayor Antonio Sanchez who was sentenced to suffer seven terms of reclusion perpetua (life imprisonment) for the rape-slay of University of the Philippines student Eileen Sarmenta and the murder of her boyfriend Allan Gomez may likely be released soon from the New Bilibid Prisons.

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said Sanchez benefited from the recent ruling issued by the Supreme Court which orders the retroactive application of the number of days credited to prisoners for their good conduct time allowance.

“He [Sanchez] is not the only one involved here but also thousands under detention—persons deprived of liberty.  So many prisoners’ good conduct time allowances would be subjected to recomputation.

Maybe one after the other they would be released,” Guevarra said.

“He [Sanchez] may be up for release [but I have] no idea how soon,” he added. 


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