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Bautista cries over plight of sons amid marital rift

Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Chairman Andres Bautista describes how bothered he is thinking about the effects of his marital problem with his wife Patricia, since the issue became public knowledge.

At one point during an interview on ANC television, Bautista turned emotional.

He said he was asking the camp of his estranged wife how the controversy is hurting their sons, who are aged eight, thirteen and fourteen.

He was told, "the universe will take care of them."

"The universe is not fair to them," he said as his voice was breaking.

He said one of his sons had stopped going to school. 

Bautista had filed criminal compaints against Patricia at Taguig Prosecutors' Office.

The charges included qualified theft, extortion, robbery and grave coercion.

Patricia had earlier accused Bautista of supposedly amassing an unexplained wealth amounting to almost one billion pesos.

Patricia claimed she had bank passbooks and documents relating to real properties to back her allegation.


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