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Over 8,900 receive free chemo treatment from OsMak

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More than 8,900 individuals benefited from the free chemotherapy of the Ospital ng Makati since 2020, as part of the local government’s commitment to support residents in their fight against cancer.

“Since 2020, we have served nearly 9,000 patients with free chemotherapy at OsMak. We aim to ensure that every Makatizen receives the healthcare they need without worrying about the cost,” said Mayor Abigail Binay.

Binay explained that PhilHealth only covers a fraction of the cost of chemotherapy which is why the city government has taken additional steps to subsidize the remaining expenses, regardless of the price.

“Chemo is more expensive than dialysis because the type of medicine needed varies from patient to patient. We have patients with bills over P130,000 for a single session, and Philhealth only covers a maximum of P7,280 pesos. Most cancer patients cannot afford that, but our Yellow Card holders pay absolutely nothing,” she said.

In December 2023, a 56-year-old patient from Barangay Palanan incurred a chemo session bill of ₱138,002.37, covering medicine, lab procedures, and supplies, without any cost to the patient.

Similarly, on March 15, 2024, a 65-year-old woman from Guadalupe Nuevo had her treatment expenses amounting to ₱132,824.40 entirely covered by the city.

The Yellow Card program, also known as the Makati Health Plus Program, provides comprehensive medical benefits to registered residents, including free chemotherapy, unlimited dialysis, maintenance medicines, routine check-ups, and laboratory and diagnostic procedures.

The city’s chief executive emphasized that the health of its residents is top priority, and the city is dedicated to removing financial barriers to essential medical services.

The majority of chemo patients at OsMak are treated for breast cancer for females and prostate cancer for males. The Yellow Card program covers costs not reimbursed by PhilHealth, ensuring continued healthcare for Yellow Card holders and their dependents not over 21 years old.

By providing free chemotherapy and other essential medical services, Makati has set the bar high for healthcare services in the country and reinforces its role as a leader in innovative and inclusive healthcare solutions.


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