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AFP: Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility

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The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Friday called on the public to maintain their vigilance against cyber threat actors infiltrating various digital platforms, reminding everyone that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility.

The AFP issued this statement after the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) arrested three individuals suspected of hacking government websites, including an information technology officer working for a prominent news organization.  

“Cybersecurity is not solely a governmental responsibility but a shared duty that requires the cooperation and vigilance of every Filipino,” AFP spokesperson Colonel Margareth Padilla said in a statement.

“The AFP calls upon all sectors, both public and private, to enhance their cybersecurity protocols and collaborate closely with government agencies to strengthen our defense against these malicious activities,” she added.

Padilla acknowledged serious risks posed by cybercriminals, thus it is imperative on the part of the public and private sectors to take a collective action in defense of our country’s overall cyberinfrastructure.

According to several reports, the arrested hackers also targeted the website of the AFP, among other government agencies, as well as private banks. Padilla said they are looking at this case as a stark reminder of the persistent challenges in navigating an interconnected digital environment.

“It underscores the importance of (having) robust cybersecurity measures and the consequences of failing to address these adversities effectively,” the AFP spokesperson said.

In light of this development, the AFP maintained its commitment to support the government in countering cyberthreats through coordinated efforts, intelligence sharing, and pursuing advanced technological measures.

“The AFP reaffirms its dedication to protecting the Philippines against all forms of threats and calls for a unified front to uphold our national security in the face of evolving challenges. Let us work together to ensure a safe and secure digital environment for all,” Padilla said. 


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