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Philippines, Hungary eye closer bilateral ties

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President Marcos welcomed Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Péter Szijjártó, at Malacañan Palace on Thursday to discuss enhancing economic cooperation.

“I’m very happy to welcome you once again to the Philippines,” President Marcos told Szijjártó during the meeting.

“The 50th commemoration of our formal ties, and I hope that with all that is happening around the world and all of the opportunities—of course, there are challenges, and all the opportunities also that is—that we’ll be able to hopefully forge new relationships,” he added.

Szijjártó, on his third visit, highlighted ongoing collaboration to deepen bilateral relations and Hungary’s supportive stance in international discussions involving Philippine interests.

He highlighted ongoing efforts with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to enhance bilateral relations, underscoring Hungary’s supportive stance in international forums regarding Philippine affairs.

“Mr. President, thank you so much for receiving me. Thank you so much for the invitation. You have great secretaries with whom I’ll be working together for a long time. This is the third occasion that I have the honor to visit your fantastic country,” Szijjártó told President Marcos.

Hungary stands as the Philippines’ 46th trading partner, with significant Filipino contributions in automotive, hospitality, and logistics sectors.


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