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From the Filipino table to the skies: Philippine Airlines celebrates Filipino flavors on its 83rd year  

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Philippine Airlines (PAL) brings Filipino flavors onboard with new and exciting flavor fusions for a limited run – straight from the Filipino table to the skies.

This year, Asia’s first and longest-serving airline is elevating flight experiences with new renditions of the Philippines’ all-time favorites, from palate tickling desserts like Halo-Halo to traditional breakfast pairings like Tinapay at Kape.  

 “Our goal is to ensure that every PAL journey is a memorable one, and food is an important part of 

this,” said PAL Marketing VP Alvin Miranda. “Nothing says ‘heartfelt service’ more than a delicious, memorable bite, especially when you encounter it in a place you least expect—in the skies.”  

PAL’s special menu presents new culinary adventures, not just for Filipino travelers but global travelers as well. Crafted by Chef Vallerie Castillo-Archer, Assistant Vice President for Catering Operations and Head Chef in PAL, the new menu showcases a full range of Filipino cuisine, combining unmistakable local flavors with hints of international influences.  

Luxurious Culinary Cuisine in Business Class  

Immerse yourself in a world of Filipino dishes with PAL’s Business Class Menu, which promises delightful flavors in every bite. From classic favorites to creatively crafted fusions, experience remarkable Filipino flavors as you travel in leisure and comfort.  

Crudité and Appetizers  

Start off your delightful inflight journey with PAL’s Ube Hummus with Carrot, Celery, and Pita Chip with Zaatar and Chicken Tinola. Typically created with chickpeas, this version of hummus uses local favorite Ube, which gives a light and healthy complement to your starter platter. If you’re in the mood for a bowl of soup, the hearty flavors of Chicken Tinola will surely make for comforting travels.  

PAL’s Ube Hummus with Carrot, Celery, and Pita Chip with Zaatar and Chicken Tinola 

Breakfast Entrées  

Nothing beats the taste of comfort food during your favorite meal of the day—breakfast! PAL introduces the heartwarming and delicate tastes of Tinapay at Kape and Stuffed Bangus with Ala Pobre Sauce that will surely leave you feeling full and satisfied.  

PAL’s Tinapay at Kape, Stuffed Bangus with Ala Pobre Sauce 

Hot Meal Entrées  

Elevate your inflight dining experience with PAL’s savory hot meal entrées: Braised Beef Short Ribs and Chicken Adobo Roulade. Beyond their aroma and rich flavors, these savory dishes offer a luxurious take on classic and meticulously crafted Filipino favorites.  

PAL’s Chicken Adobo Roulade 

Filipino Desserts  

Be ready to drool over irresistible sweets that will leave your taste buds wanting more when you fly with PAL! Experience classic Filipino desserts: Halo-Halo and Turon ala Mode. Halo-Halo boasts a 

creamy explosion of flavors and textures in every spoonful, while Turon ala Mode presents a playful reinvention of a classic Pinoy merienda favorite.  

Flavorful Filipino Favorites in Economy Class  

Enjoy delicious dining onboard with PAL’s Economy Class Menu, where every dish is crafted to satisfy your appetite even at 30,000 feet in the sky! Discover a wide selection of meals, from timeless classics to contemporary flavors, promising a delightful experience for every palate.  

Reimagined Classic Dishes  

Take pleasure in rich, bold tastes of Beef Salpicao and Chicken Sisig. Both dishes have a perfect balance of savory and spicy features—giving a delectable experience that delights the senses.  

PAL’s Chicken Sisig and Beef Salpicao 

PAL passengers can also enjoy delicious Snack Entrées such as Buffalo Wings, Tuna and Egg Sandwich, and Truffle Mac and Cheese inflight.  

Flying soon? Experience world-class flavors with PAL’s 83rd Anniversary Menu—inspired by the Filipino table, made for the skies!  

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*PAL’s 83rd Anniversary menu is exclusively offered for a limited time only in select PAL Business and Economy Class international flights from Manila. 


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