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Cayetano highlights ‘resilient, relevant, reliable’ PH-HK relations on Independence Day

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Senator Alan Peter Cayetano thanked Hong Kong for its enduring partnership with the Philippines despite global challenges.

“There are many conflicts around the world, but somehow in this part of the world, we found a way to be one family,” said Cayetano at the recent celebration of the 126th Philippine Independence Day hosted by the Consulate General of the Philippines in Hong Kong on Wednesday, June 12.

The senator reflected on the unique bond that transcends typical international relations.

Drawing on a metaphor from foundational education, Cayetano described the Philippines’ relationship with Hong Kong through what he called the “3 Rs”: Resilient, Relevant, and Reliable. These qualities, he suggested, are as fundamental to their bilateral ties as reading, writing, and arithmetic are to early education.

“If you ask me to describe our relationship with Hong Kong in particular, and China in general, it is resilient. There are issues and problems [that we face], but we always find a way to become brothers and sisters again,” Cayetano explained.

He underscored that despite occasional challenges, the resilience of their relationship always brings them back together, reinforcing their bond.

Cayetano elaborated on how both regions remain crucial to each other’s well-being, especially during crises.

“Whatever the problems are, such as economics, transportation, and the pandemic, we find a way to be relevant to each other,” he said.

This mutual relevance ensures that both countries support each other in meaningful ways, adapting to changing circumstances and needs.

“When you need us, we will be there for you, and when we need you, you’re always there for us,” Cayetano added, emphasizing the reciprocal nature of their relationship.

Concluding his speech, Cayetano thanked Paul Chan Mo-po, the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, for his presence and support. He called for the sustained strength of their partnership, encouraging both regions to continue being resilient, relevant, and reliable as they navigate an ever-evolving world.

There are more or less 200,000 overseas Filipino workers in Hong Kong, according to the latest estimates of the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW). Hong Kong is also a popular destination among Filipino tourists. 


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