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Marcos-led Partido Federal forges alliance with NPC

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President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has presided over the signing of an alliance between the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP) and the National People’s Coalition (NPC), marking a significant milestone in the nation’s political landscape.

“We are not just two parties that are allied with one another. We are a force that is ready to serve, that is ready to bring a better life to our people. To defy expectations, to carve out a bright future with promise and potential,” said Mr. Marcos, who also serves as PFP chairman.  

He highlighted the long-standing cooperation between the two parties, now formalized. While acknowledging the upcoming elections, the President clarified that their collaboration transcends electoral objectives.

“What makes this alliance durable is [it] is a partnership of equals and one anchored on a set of principles,” Marcos said.

“Our agenda is the nation’s progress. Nothing more, nothing less,” he added. 

Reflecting on the informal UniTeam collaboration’s success, he emphasized trust and mutual respect as the foundation of their alliance.

“Through this collaboration, our shared dream of a better Philippines moves closer to reality, where the echoes of our combined voices spread across our archipelago, serving as a clarion call for all to partake in building the Bagong Pilipinas that we all dream for our people,” Marcos said.


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