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Saturday, May 25, 2024

PCO warns public on Marcos ‘deepfake’ ordering attack

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The Presidential Communications Office (PCO) on Wednesday warned the public about circulating content of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. allegedly ordering the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to act against a certain nation.

In a statement, PCO said the President did not issue such a directive to the AFP while the audio was manipulated with the use of artificial intelligence.

“The audio deepfake attempts to make it appear as if the President has directed our Armed Forces of the Philippines to act against a particular foreign country. No such directive exists nor has been made,” the PCO said.

“Deepfakes are an advanced form of digital content manipulation through the use of generative artificial intelligence,” it added.

The PCO is coordinating with concerned agencies to investigate the matter.

“Let us all be more vigilant against such manipulated digital content that are deployed by actors to propagate malicious content online and advance a malign influence agenda,” the PCO said.

“We encourage everyone to work with us in fostering a more aware, resilient, and engaged citizenry in our digital commons,” it added.


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