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#ANONGBALITA First Lady: No plans to run for senator in 2025

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First Lady Liza Marcos has this advice to those fanning speculations that she run for senator next year: Please extend your brain for just a little bit.

In an interview on Tune-in Kay Tunying aired yesterday, Mrs. Marcos said she was not even a registered voter until 2022 when her husband ran for the presidency — proof that she has no political ambitions.

“I teach election law. Alam mo kayo, hindi ako registered voter. Mag-isip naman kayo ng konti ‘di ba?” she said.

“Extend your brain just a little bit. If I’m not a registered voter, how can I run? So this one is chicken feed,” she added.

She said there were insinuations that her “LAB for All Project” medical outreach program was in preparation for a future senatorial run.

Mrs. Marcos said she is not cut out to be a politician as she even gets people’s names wrong at times.

“I get the mayor’s name wrong,” she said as she laughed off the rumors.

She said her husband even jokingly describes her as an “ambassador of bad will.”


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