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CHR lauds UN on joint effort to promote human rights

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THE Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on Monday lauded the United Nations Joint Programme (UNJP) for allowing the government to actively promote developments on the human rights situation in the Philippines as the end of the three-year program nears in July.

The program recommended the prospect of continuing their partnership as a foundational pillar to ensure that the country would stay clear-sighted toward its goal to comply with its international human rights obligations and to implement domestic policies responding to the needs of the vulnerable and marginalized. 

The. three-year collaboration between the United Nations and the Philippine government, together with the CHR and civil society organizations, had reinforced the institutions already available in the country to ensure that Filipinos were constantly guaranteed the free exercise and enjoyment of their rights.

“It must be noted that the strategic framework of the UNJP envisions to broaden the human rights-based approaches amongst duty-bearers, to strengthen domestic accountability mechanisms which address human rights violations and abuses, and to ensure that rights-holders, especially victims, are able to be afforded better means to claim their rights,” the CHR cited. 

“While the UNJP has provided much to improve the human rights situation in the country, the Commission believes that more has to be achieved to make sure that the intended purpose of this partnership remains faithful to initial goals. In particular, we are hopeful that the technical capacity-building efforts will be utilised immediately to address the very matters which prompted the establishment of UNJP in the Philippines, such as the alleged war on drugs which resulted in extrajudicial killings,” it added.


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