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Saturday, April 20, 2024

#ANONGBALITA ‘Wag na mag-underwear! Ex-Health chief says ventilation effective vs. fungal infection

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Sobrang init? Former Health Secretary Janette Garin has this advice for women, especially if they are just staying at home: Go commando.

“No malice. But if you are just at home and sleeping, and it is terribly hot, it’s quite advisable not to wear underwear if you are wearing pajamas or shorts,” said Garin, a physician and also House Deputy Majority Leader and Iloilo representative.

“The ventilation will be effective against fungal infection,” she added.

Garin said women are more susceptible to fungal infection if they are wearing tight clothes amid the worsening heat index.

The hot weather has prompted many schools across the country to suspend face-to-face classes and shift to synchronous online classes instead.

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In Libon, Albay, students were told not to wear school uniforms in an advisory issued by Mayor Wilfredo Maronilla.

“Amid the increasing heat index, it is advisable for the students and pupils to wear comfortable and presentable clothing (cotton shirts) going to school,” the mayor’s office said.

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