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#ANONGBALITA Mag-tabo, ‘wag mag bidet, and other water conservation tips amid El Niño

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Thinking of using that bidet? Use tabo instead.

Task Force El Niño spokesperson Joey Villarama said using a pail and dipper would help conserve water as the country copes with El Niño and hot weather.

“Using a bidet has no difference from using a garden hose. So it is really best to use a dipper if you use the toilet to ensure cost-efficient water use,” Villarama said.

He said the conservation of water could be done on all levels.

Villarama advised subdivisions and clubhouses to avoid cleaning swimming pools.

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At the household level, he said it is possible to conserve water by flushing the toilet less.

“It is possible to save water by flushing the toilet, because sometimes, when we urinate, and the smell is not pungent and if someone else could use it, this is a practical tip not to flush right away whenever you use the toilet,” Villarama said.

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