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Bill aims to bolster workforce in PH air transport industry

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A BILL filed at the House of Representatives seeks to bolster aviation manpower and ensure that the country has adequate supply of pilots and other air transport workers to meet local and international demands.

House Bill 10166, authored by Rep. Marissa Magsino of OFW party-list group, aims “to codify the rights and protection of aviation professionals and workers as expressed in international instruments and domestic laws of the Philippines; strengthen accountability of both the private and public sectors in the employment of aviation professionals and workers in the country; and maintain a sustainable pool of the aviation professionals and workers.”

Magsino stressed that “air transport plays a pivotal role in our economy, in our tourism initiatives, and also in labor migration.”

“However, the international aviation community anticipates a shortage of skilled aviation professionals and workers in the near future. Because of the rise of infrastructure, increase in passengers and flights, and overall globalization, there has also been a greater demand for aviation professionals in the country,” Magsino noted.

“In order to address this important issue, the government must take initiatives to ensure that enough qualified and competent aviation professionals and workers are available and willing to operate, manage and maintain the future air transport system in the country,” she added.

The lawmaker also stressed the need to put a premium on the plight of its professionals and workers, and ensure good working conditions and benefits for them.”

She said HB 10166,  once enacted, will promote and improve the competitiveness, job security, and the socio-economic status of local aviation professionals and workers in the country, including the provision of humane working conditions, just and fair employment terms, and progressive career development, and to ensure a sustainable working pool of the aviation professionals and workers.

“The Philippine commercial aviation industry must focus on moving forward with a clear outlook on future labor plans, creative ways to attract and retain talent, and increasing labor efficiency,” Magsino said.

With the diligence and competence of aviation professionals and workers in the performance of their tasks, a safe and comfortable flight coming in and out of the country, or to and from their hometown destinations, is also assured for the benefit of our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), she pointed out.

As representative of our OFWs in Congress, this bill forms an integral part of my advocacy.” Magsino said.


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