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New wildlife tech aims to reduce bird strike incidents

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The Mastermark’s Aerodrome 360 Framework from Southeast Asia’s largest bird and wildlife specialist company based in Singapore is being introduced in the Philippines to reduce bird strikes in the country’s airports.

This followed the strategic collaboration between Mastermark Pte Ltd and Olongapo Maintenance Services (OMSI), which have extensive experience in airport grounds maintenance.

The partnership came at a critical time as air travel surpasses pre-pandemic levels in a background of changing bird populations and migratory patterns driven by global changes, causing an increase in birdstrike incidents that can result in damage, delays to aircraft, and loss of life.

By embracing Mastermark’s Aerodrome 360 framework, both the airport and maintenance provider will employ a comprehensive approach to tackle the underlying causes of bird strikes, not only in the air but also on the ground.

The focus will be on using the outputs of the framework to curate and implement a range of proactive measures, including habitat management, avian radar systems, and other advanced technologies to manage wildlife from aerodromes.

“By integrating our global insights with avian radar systems and other technologies, along with OMSI’s understanding of the local market, we aim to make a significant impact on reducing bird strikes in Philippine airports. I believe elevating any standard of safety is vital for the betterment of everyone. Our customized risk-based approach not only meets ICAO requirements but also facilitates the prioritization of resources to where and when it is most needed, thereby enhancing the overall safety of aviation operations in an efficient and effective manner,” said Christopher Wee, managing director of Mastermark Pte Ltd.

“We believe that this collaboration will not only benefit the aviation industry but also contribute to the safety and well-being of passengers and crew members,” said Randolph San Gabriel, president of Olongapo Maintenance Services Incorporated.


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