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#ANONGBALITA She went there: Apo Whang-Od ‘touches’ Piolo

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Indigenous tattoo artist Apo Whang Od’s viral video of touching Piolo Pascual’s private parts has drawn mixed reactions online.

In the video, the oldest mambabatok is seen touching the actor’s crotch area in her shop in Buscalan.

Both Apo Whang Od and Piolo burst out laughing during the moment, and a crowd of people off-camera also laughed and cheered them on.

Some on social media pointed out that both Apo Whang Od and Piolo gave their consent to the act.

Other netizens, however, accused the Filipina icon of sexual harassment and said that she should not have grabbed Piolo’s or other guests’ private parts.

However, netizens were also quick to defend Apo Whang Od, saying thatgrabbing the genitals of male visitors is among her longtime traditions.

As the video led to a discussion on gender roles, netizens said thatinstead of “canceling” Apo Whang Od, critics should focus on more important national issues.

“What Apo Whang Od did is hindi tama and don’t close your eyes sa fact na iyan just because she is an icon. Imagine if it’s an old man whodid that? Everyone, if not all, will be pissed off. Kaya I don’t understand bakit nagsa-sana all pa kayo,” an X user said.

“My opinion on the Apo Whang Od dakma issue: It becomes offensive when one party did not give permission, or was offended, or was uncomfy.

Piolo did not say No, did not move away, and was laughing in good fun.

Anong next na icacancel nyo, yung mga tribe women na walang bra?” a netizen said.


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