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Marcos: Much to learn from studying history

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President Marcos urged the public to study history as the country marked the 38th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution.

The President, in a vlog uploaded yesterday, gave the statement in response to the letter of a certain “Erica” who noted that “people, especially in the Philippines, have distorted ideas of politics.”

“Your interest in history is very, very important because we have much to learn from history,” the President said.

“The history that has been made a long, long time ago and the history that is being made now, all of these are important,” he added.

Acknowledging the proliferation of disinformation and misinformation, Mr. Marcos said the public should be more discerning.

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“My grandmother taught me that you can read anything and it’s up to you to decide which parts are good and which parts are wrong. That’s what you can do. That’s what history can guide us with because we have experienced this before,” the President said.

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