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‘Complete ANAR road to boost Clark economy’

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President Marcos on Wednesday led the inspection of the New Clark City Access Road (ANAR) in Pampanga, touting its potential to boost tourism and investments in the region.

During his visit, the President directed the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) to ensure the timely completion of the 20-kilometer, six-lane highway project.

The P8.42-billion project acts as a dedicated access road to improve connectivity across Luzon. It aims to transform travel and trade between Central and Northern Luzon, Metro Manila, and Clark International Airport.

Mr. Marcos highlighted the significant impact of the project, saying it will cut travel time between Clark International Airport and New Clark City from one hour to just 20 minutes.

“This road is much more than just an access road. It is part of our plan to propel Clark as an alternate growth area. It is a red carpet rolled out to those who will partake in all the best things that Clark can offer,” President Marcos said.

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He underscored the project’s contribution to “unlocking the full potential of Clark” and making it a competitive investment and tourism destination.

“Project such as this all convey one message to prospective investors.

It conveys the message that we are committed to building world class infrastructure that can host businesses in a high-growth area.

That the government is ready to provide adequate infrastructure and facilities to ensure the growth of their future investment,” he said.

Once completed, the ANAR project is expected to reduce traffic congestion, enhance economic growth, and increase travel efficiency across Luzon by linking key urban areas and transport centers.

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