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Speaker Romualdez hails Treasury for holding ‘financial literacy’ seminars

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Speaker Martin Romualdez on Friday commended the leadership of the Bureau of Treasury (BTr) for organizing “financial literacy sessions” aimed at encouraging more investments that would help improve not just Filipinos’ lives, but the national development as a whole.

“It is heartening to witness government institutions pro-actively seeking ways to bolster national development. Such educational initiatives play a crucial role in reinforcing our national fabric,” Romualdez said during a forum attended by members of Cornell Club Philippines.

Romualdez, a lawyer and alumnus of New York-based Cornell University, said he was glad that the treasury bureau initiated such seminars. “To the leadership of the Bureau, I urge you to continue these endeavors with my unwavering support.”

“Mobilizing private resources through investments, like those in retail treasury bonds, is pivotal in ensuring that our nation possesses the resources necessary to sustain vital priority development programs and projects,” said Romualdez, who is also president of Cornell Club of the Philippines.

Romualdez said holding financial literacy programs is “not merely a financial endeavor, but a significant contribution to the nation-building process.” He also noted this is BTr’s demonstration and “commitment to both personal growth and the nation’s progress.”

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“Learning about retail treasury bonds is not only about financial literacy, but also about understanding how such instruments can aid in our country’s development,” the Speaker, who represents the First District of Leyte province, pointed out.

“Retail treasury bonds are exceptional as they are low-risk savings instruments and represent direct, unconditional, and general obligations of the Republic of the Philippines,” Romualdez said, noting that such bonds yield higher returns compared to ordinary savings accounts, time deposits.

“This is a chance to apply our learnings for the greater good of Philippine society, aligning our financial decisions with our collective goal of nation-building. I encourage more Cornell alumni to consider roles in the public sector to directly contribute to our country’s development,” he said.  

The treasury bureau is offering retail treasury bonds with a minimum investment of P5,000.

“I am confident that many of you will embrace this opportunity, not solely for the personal financial benefits, but also as a tangible expression of the Cornell University core value of impacting society through public engagement,” Romualdez said.

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