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Left warns vs. ‘return of authoritarianism’, attempted power grab

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THREE leftist groups urged the workers and citizens of the country to oppose the imminent return of authoritarianism via the rumored destabilization plot of certain groups, which they believe is being advanced by some politicians and allies of the former Duterte Administration with the alleged intention of grabbing political power.

Meanwhile, Bayan Muna Chair Neri Colmenares and Bayan Muna executive vice-president Carlos Isagani Zarate on Friday welcomed “with guarded optimism” the reopening of the peace negotiations between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).

Neither Duterte nor his supporters have yet to react to these claims as of posting time.

“We hope that this resumption of the peace talks would continue until the causes of the armed conflict would finally be addressed to attain just and lasting peace for the country,” said Zarate, the former Bayan Muna party-list congressman.

“With the myriad of challenges being encountered by Filipinos today from the climate crisis, low wages, runaway inflation, education crisis, China’s incursion in our territory, the equally dangerous US militarist and interventionist policy, among others, we trust that this agreement of jumpstarting the stalled talks would eventually lead to its logical end – that is a political settlement for the betterment of our country,” Zarate added.

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Meanwhile, Colmenares aired a “plea to all government bodies including the AFP and the PNP to support this endeavour. We have heard reports of destabilization from the military and police ranks and we urge those planning these moves, as well as the other spoilers and saboteurs, to desist from doing this as it will only worsen the situation of our country,”

“The Filipino people want a just and lasting peace by addressing the roots of the conflict. Let’s give peace a chance. The Filipino people want a just and lasting peace, the Filipino people need a just and lasting peace,” ended Colmenares.

Recently, the Bukluran ng mga Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP), a political center comprising militant labor unions, has criticized the allegations of a destabilization plot against Marcos, citing it as an attempt to thwart the government’s bid to re-join the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The BMP surmised that the real purpose of the destabilization rumors was to derail the government’s inclination to rejoin the ICC.

In a statement and video sent to media by Partisano, an armed operative of the underground Partido Marxista-Leninista ng Pilipinas (PMLP), a certain Leni Macatindig urged the nation’s patriots and working classes “to join forces in opposing the destabilization plot purportedly waged by former President Rodrigo Duterte’s faction and corrupt politicians.”

Macatindig, of the Partisano-National Operational Command, said the destabilization was seen as Duterte’s desire to recover power, at the same time as a means of avoiding the imminent re-entry of the country to ICC.

Numerous cases related to the bloody war against drugs were filed within the six-year term of the former President.

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