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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Bill seeks P1k/month maintenance medication aid for senior citizens

A group of legislators led House Deputy Majority Leader Erwin Tulfo on Monday filed a bill recommending a P1,000-monthly maintenance medication for senior citizens.

House Bill 9569, entitled “Providing Monthly Maintenance Medication Support Act for Senior Citizens,” was co-sponsored by fellow legislators from ACT-CIS party-list group, Reps. Jocelyn Tulfo and Edvic Yap, Benguet Rep. Eric Yap, and Ralph Tulfo of Quezon City.

Around 9.2 million senior citizens or Filipinos aged 60 and above were recorded in the latest Philippines Statistics Authority survey in 2020.

The legislators said the bill is a legislative proposal that responds to a critical issue confronting the elderly population, particularly those dealing with chronic or long-term medical conditions.

“It acknowledges the fundamental importance of preserving and enhancing the health and well-being of senior citizens in our society,” Tulfo said.

Tulfo explained one of the primary challenges faced by senior citizens, especially those with on-going medical needs, is the financial strain associated with obtaining essential medications.

Chronic illnesses often require regular and costly treatments, imposing a substantial burden on seniors and their families.

“This bill recognizes this burden and aims to alleviate it by providing financial assistance,” Tulfo noted.

By offering a monthly stipend of P1,000 for maintenance medications, Tulfo said the bill was “designed to improve the quality of life of our senior citizens and ease the financial constraints they encounter, making it more feasible for them to access the medications they require. It acknowledges that managing chronic diseases should not be compromised due to economic limitations.”

“The bill is also a manifestation of our society’s commitment to honoring and caring for our senior citizens who have contributed to our nation’s growth and development over the years. It recognizes their invaluable role and endeavors to ensure that they can enjoy their senior years with dignity and good health,” he added.

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